Getting Started with Spend Management

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This article will assist you in getting started with Spend Management.

Ottimate’s Spend Management combines on-demand credit card issuing and expense automation features in a powerful, unified platform. You can now enforce controls before spend even happens by creating Ottimate cards.

Let's get started by accessing Spend Management, clicking on the app squares in the top right will display a menu drop down.

In this article:


Your location will be listed on the top left. Toggle between locations as needed by clicking the blue down arrow.

You will see three different tabs: Cards, Transactions, and Users.

You are also able to search across all of spend management with the search bar.


Your users will transfer over from your main Ottimate account.

From the Users tab, click into a user. A pop up on the right will display their information. You can edit their access by clicking the pencil icon.

The two roles are Admin and User.

When creating a card for a user, they will receive an email to the email address provided.

Setup Bank

Click into your username on the top right to access Settings

Click on Company KYB on the left and click on the location that you need to setup.

This will open up your main Ottimate bank settings. Select an existing bank account or setup a new account.

Create Card

From the Cards tab, click 

You will have three options of cards: Click the links for more information on each type. 

For this example, we will create a Virtual Card.

The next screen will give you three options:

  • One-Time This card expires after one use. A good alternative to petty cash.
  • Multi-UseA card with a set limit for multiple uses. Best for subscription services, operating expenses, and more.
  • RecurringCards are automatically reloaded with a set amount either monthly or annually.

                            Perfect for utility bills, department purchases, and more.

The next screen will require you to fill out the card information.

Click Create Card when finished. The selected Cardholder will receive an email confirming their card.

Make a Purchase

From the Cards tab, click into the card you wish to use.

A details pop up will appear on the right.

You can click the card number, security code and expiration date to copy it. Paste them as needed when completing an online purchase.


From the Transactions tab, you can export your transactions two ways.

You can export a single transaction by clicking the three dots in the transaction line. A menu will show Export.

Export all transactions by clicking

A CSV file will download. 


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