VendorPay Training

Modified on Thu, May 18, 2023 at 11:37 AM

User Level: Admin

Est. time of Training: 15 mins

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VendorPay Training

Navigate to VendorPay from the top menu bar.

Unpaid Invoices:

  • Once invoices have been approved they will flow into the Unpaid Invoices tab. From here, you have four options for viewing them. Overdue and Upcoming are based on your net terms, so if a vendor does not have terms in Plate IQ those invoices will not appear in those buckets.
  • Locations with unpaid bills break down invoices by location and then further by the vendor. From here, you have the option of creating check runs for all invoices by a vendor, or clicking in and selecting individual invoices. A running tally will be kept on top so you know the total dollar amount of invoices you've selected. Once you've selected invoices, click "Create Payment." This does not issue the payment, just creates those check runs for you to approve.
  • If you'd like to schedule payment for a future date or cut check runs for multiple locations at a time you can do so from Total Unpaid Invoices. From here you have the ability to filter by specific vendor and bulk select. You can choose to schedule now or schedule for a later date, as well as mark it as paid if that invoice is already paid. If scheduled for later, we will tell you the estimated date of arrival, as well as alert you if any payments will arrive past their due date.
  • An icon will also appear next to vendors with their chosen payment method. If there is no icon, payment will be sent via check; the blue ACH icon means they've chosen ACH, and the green vCard icon means they've chosen our virtual card. Checks take 5-7 business days, ACH takes 2-3 if under $4k and 3-4 if over, and virtual cards take 3-4.
  • If you'd like to pay vendors via ACH that don't currently accept it you can invite them by scrolling up to the top and clicking "Invite vendors to ACH."

Pending Approval/Scheduled Payments:

  • Payments scheduled for a later date will be sent to the Scheduled Payments tab, where they will sit until their designated payment date. At that point, they will be pushed to Pending Approval for you to review and submit. If we recognize a new remit to address, we will flag it for you the first time we see it for you to confirm it's correct. If it is not, you have the ability to edit it directly from the payment view. Invoices you've scheduled for now will go directly into Pending Approval.

Pending Export:

  • Once the payment has been issued by our payment provider, the payment will be pushed to Pending Export. All payments here have been sent out and are just waiting for export to your account software.
  • From here you have the ability to click on the payment and view the check stub or ACH transaction information.

All Payments:

  • Once the payment has been exported to your accounting software, it will be pushed to All Payments which is where you can reference payments if you ever need to.

Payment Calendar:

  • The Payment Calendar is a useful tool to help manage your cash flow. It will list all of your pending, scheduled, and issued payments. From here you can cancel or change the date of any payment you have not submitted yet.

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