How do I create a Stand-in Approver?

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For times when potential approvers leave the company, or simply go on vacation, it can be useful to set a Stand-In Approver for them.

Stand-in Approvers simply replace the listed approver on invoices that match conditions set in Approval Policies.  However, they do not actually replace the potential approver in the Policy Conditions themselves.

Stand-in Approvals only work for accounts with Advanced (Rule-Based) Approvals, and for users with permissions to Approve Invoices.  Please contact your Account Manager or for more detail.

Here's how to create and use Stand-in Approvals.

You can create Stand-In Approvers from two places:

  1. You can create your own from your Profile page:

  2. Admins can create Stand-in Approvers for others from the Manage Users page:


To create a replacement, simply enter:

  • The Stand-in's name in the dropdown
  • The date the replacement starts (optional)
  • The date the replacement ends (optional)

If you do not enter a start date, all invoices currently requiring approval will be replaced by the Stand-in user selected.

If you do not enter an end date, all invoices going forward will perpetually require the Stand-in's approval.

Users with Stand-Ins will show with an icon in Settings > Manage Users like so:

In the example above, invoices requiring Patrick Rachtew's approval during the selected period will show Aaron French as the Stand-In:

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