Upload Invoices

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Est. time of Setup: 3 Mins

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Upload Invoices

From the dashboard, Click Upload – Upload Invoices

There are three different ways to upload invoices

  • Browse File or Drag and Drop
  • Email File
  • Upload from Mobile App

After upload, you will navigate to Invoices from the menu bar. On the right side you will see Uploads.

  • Green Check is completed
  • Yellow Icon is still processing

Please Note: Invoices take up to 24 hours to process.

Uploading Best Practices

1. Use Vendor Emailed Invoice PDFs

Many vendors like US Foods and LA & SF Specialty provide electronic copies of invoices via email or through a web portal. These electronic PDFs can be processed almost instantly by Plate IQ. If you have access to electronic PDFs, send them directly to your Plate IQ invoice email address or download them from your vendor and then upload them to Plate IQ on a regular basis.

Note: To obtain your unique email address, Click Upload from the home page. The email is shown.

2. Upload regularly

Uploading every other day or even daily ensures that Plate IQ does not run into bottlenecks by receiving lots of invoices at the same time. Uploading regularly not only ensures that your analytics and reporting will stay up to date, but also makes invoice management less of a chore.

3. Avoid marks near critical invoice data

Plate IQ's OCR system attempts to process everything on a page. That means it tries to make sense of check marks, handwriting, and stamps, even if they weren't intended to be read. Keeping marks to a minimum will help Plate IQ extract your invoice information effectively.

4. Don't upload duplicate invoices

Plate IQ has processes in place to identify and remove duplicate invoices. However, because weeding out duplicates requires manual verification, they take longer to process. Plus, they waste your team's valuable time as people upload the same item multiple times.

When working with paper invoices, we recommend creating dedicated "new" and "uploaded" folders. As invoices are scanned and uploaded, move them from "new" into "uploaded" so you'll always know where they are in the process. For invoices sent via email, we recommend setting up auto-forwarding rules that automatically send a copy of your invoice to Plate IQ when a vendor emails it to you.

5. Improve scan quality

Scan quality has a big impact on how well Plate IQ can use OCR (optical character recognition) to read your invoices. Scans should be clear, in focus, right-side up, and un-creased. When reviewing invoices, if you see the same blotches or lines on multiple invoices, it is likely that your scanner has dirt or debris on the glass. A quick wipe down with Windex may help.

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