Enhanced Invoice Searches

Modified on Wed, Nov 8, 2023 at 5:07 PM

Our enhanced search bar is designed to make finding invoices faster, more flexible, and incredibly efficient. In this article, we'll dive into how the search function can simplify your invoice management.

Lightning-Fast Searches: On average, your invoice searches are now twice as fast, allowing you to access the documents you need in no time. This means less waiting and more time for what matters most in your business.


Special Characters Support: Searching for specific terms often involves special characters. Enhanced invoice searches allow you to use characters like the ampersand (&) to find precise keywords. For example, if you need to locate AT&T bills, just type "AT&T" into the search filter, and voilà! All relevant invoices will appear instantly.

Detailed Term Search: Our search bar offers a level of intelligence that sets it apart. You can search for any piece of information on an invoice. Let's say you're looking for invoices containing the term "gal." Just type "gal," and you'll receive a list of all invoices featuring this term. Even with extensive datasets, we provide swift results, saving you time and effort.

Shorthand Notation for Amounts: To make it even easier to search for specific amounts, we've introduced shorthand notations. Use "c" for 100 and "k" for 1000 in your search queries. For example, if you want to find invoices between 600 and 699, simply type "6c," and you'll instantly see the relevant results. This shorthand notation also works for larger amounts, like "5k" for invoices between 5000 and 5999.

Combining Search Criteria: Take your search to the next level by combining multiple criteria for highly specific results. For instance, if you type "HD," you'll find all invoices from HD supply. But if you type "HD 1c" you'll refine your search to invoices with amounts between 100 and 199. To get even more precise, try "HD 1c gal" to find HD supply invoices with the term "gallon."

These enhancements are tailored to enhance your search experience for invoices. You'll be able to quickly and easily locate the exact invoices you need, making your invoice management more efficient and effective.

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