All Transactions Report (Legacy)

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Category: VendorPay

Available to: Users with ‘Administrator role’ and users with “access all transactions report” permission. 

Pricing Package: Basic


The 'All Transactions Report' provides a holistic view of Vendor Pay transactions, encompassing ACH debit, ACH credit, ACH refund, vCard refund, and Cashback transactions across all bank accounts, facilitating easy reconciliation for users with their bank statements.

Dashboard View




Bank Account

List of Bank Accounts used with Vendor Pay.  


Group of locations to run the report on.  


To run a report for a single location, select the location's Group, and choose the location from the dropdown. 

Transaction Date Range

A date must be selected, so either choose a pre-filled Date Range including today's date, yesterday, the last 7 days, month to date, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 1 year, or a custom Date Range.

Transaction Dates

Mandatory date field that is pre-populated if a Date Range is selected, or can be manually populated by entering a start and end date.  These dates are inclusive, meaning 06/01/19 will return data from June 1st as well.


To view payments from a particular vendor


Pre-populated with the user's email address.  Additional emails can be included by appending other comma-separated emails.




Transaction type

ACH debit / vCard debit / ACH refund / vCard refund / Cashback

Transaction date

Date the transaction happened

Transaction amount

Dollar value of the transaction

PIQ checkrun number

Plate IQ’s checkrun number

Client bank account number 

Account number of the bank account the particular transaction happened in

Client bank account name

Name of the bank account the particular transaction happened in


Transaction description

Location name

Location name

Vendor name

Vendor name

Acc sw Payment Ref number

Payment reference number from accounting software if the checkrun was created through the disbursement workflow



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