Purchase Detail (Legacy)

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Report Title: Purchase Detail

Category: General

Available to: All users

Pricing Package: Basic


The Purchase Detail report is essentially a data dump of all purchasing data including items, GL accounts, purchase quantities, and prices all broken out by invoice.

Purchase Detail can answer most questions a user might have about their spend including:

  • What is my total spend month week over week?
  • What is my spend by GL Account for a given time period?
  • What is my spend by Vendor?
  • How many invoices do I get per period?
  • etc.

Best practices for this report include filtering and pivot tables in Excel / Google Sheets.  

Dashboard View


GroupGroup of locations to run the report on.  To run the report on all locations, leave this blank.
LocationTo run a report for a single location, select the location's Group, and choose the location from the dropdown.

Invoice Date Range

A date must be selected, so either choose a pre-filled Date Range including today's date, yesterday, the last 7 days, month to date, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 1 year, or a custom Date Range.
Invoice DateMandatory date field that is pre-populated if a Date Range is selected, or can be manually populated by entering a start and end date.  These dates are inclusive, meaning 06/01/19 will return data from June 1st as well.
VendorTo view invoices from a particular vendor
EmailPre-populated with the user's email address.  Additional emails can be included by appending other comma-separated emails.


LocationLocation of the invoice
Account NumberGL Account # that the item is mapped to
Account NameGL Account Name that the item is mapped to
Category NameItem's category.  Note: Categorization can come from either (a) a user or (b) Plate IQ.  User categories are saved at the Location-level, and take precedence over Plate IQ-created categories.  Plate IQ does not guarantee categorization, but we do our best.
Invoice NumberInvoice number, as it's read on the invoice
Invoice DateInvoice date, as it's read on the invoice
Exported DateDate the invoice was exported from Plate IQ
Created DateDate the invoice was uploaded to Plate IQ
Vendor NameVendor, as it's read on the invoice
Accounting Vendor IDThe ID for this vendor found in your Accounting System
Item IDPlate IQ ID for this item.  Since not all items have SKUs, you can use this ID as a primary key for the item for your reporting needs
Item NameItem name, as it's read on the invoice
Item SKUSKU (Stock Keeping Unit), as it's read on the invoice
UnitUnit, as it's read on the invoice
Pack Size LabelPack Size Label, as it's read on the invoice
PricePrice, as it's read on the invoice
QuantityQuantity, as it's read on the invoice
AmountPrice * Quantity
TaxIf item is taxable, then (Price * Quantity) * tax rate
Total AmountAmount + Tax



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